Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the road..

This shot was taken while we were traveling along the Oregon coast on our way down to California.

More interior photos

Interior photos

Test Drive

Here we go for the first test drive. And everything ends up running smoothly, the trailer brakes and bearings were tested at the bare chassis stage.

Almost done building

Here I am finishing attaching the metal trim that runs along the bottom edge of the trailer. you can see one of the 3" chimney stacks, this one is for the on demand propane water heater.

Interior Construction

In these pictures one can see much has progressed in the interior. The loft bed rests on the sills of two shelving units and it is hinged to allow for more headspace in the sitting area. the interior is trimmed using 1/4 inch cedar strips. The two countertops are done with laminated pine coated with epoxy. There is a cold air cooler built into the cabinets.

Diesel Tank

A 9 gallon diesel tank is built out of 6" pvc piping and fit in the enclosure behind the bench seat.


The following shots show the shower progress ordered chronologically from left to right. The shower pan is molded from foam then covered with several layers of acrylic waterproof membrane and fiberglass mesh tape. Two of the walls are lined with plastic tub surround and two are lined with stainless steel sheeting.

Water Tank

A 20 gallon water tank sits underneath the bench seat at the front of the building.
This is a three prong male receptacle to plug in 110 volt service using a standard heavy gauge extension chord.